Versa-Matic® Pump Accessories

Pump Accessories, Versa-Matic, Versamatic, York Fluid ControlsVersa-Matic offers a wide range of AODD pump accessories to enhance your pump performance.

Pump accessories are manufactured with the same quality as our pumps, diaphragms, and replacement parts, Versa-Matic's pump accessories are machined and turned to exacting specifications, and manufactured on precision CNC (computer-numerically controlled) machines.

All pump accessories are hydrostatically and functionally tested, and adhere to high levels of quality, including ISO 9001 standards.



Pump Accessories, Versa-Matic, Versamatic, York Fluid Controls

Surge Suppressors

For a virtually pulse-free discharge flow, rely on Versa-Matic's Surge Suppressors. These self-charging, self-venting accessories enhance your pump performance in numerous ways.

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Pump Accessories, Versa-Matic, Versamatic, York Fluid Controls

Versa-Sense™ II Leak Detectors

Protect products from contamination in the event of a diaphragm failure with Versa-Matic's Versa-Sense™ II Leak Detectors. With their ability to sense liquid on the air side of a diaphragm pump, Versa-Sense II Leak Detectors have a much broader sensing range than competitor models, and can be used with confidence on a wider variety of media.

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Pump Accessories, Versa-Matic, Versamatic, York Fluid Controls

Smart Start Anti-Shock Valves

Reduce damage to diaphragms and other moving parts by eliminating shock load conditions with Versa-Matic's Anti-Shock Valves. Operated manually or remotely, Anti-Shock Valves enable the pump to start smoothly and gradually, minimizing the risk of vibration damage on the pipe system and pipe fastening. The risk for cavitation during start-up is also significantly reduced.

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Pump Accessories, Versa-Matic, Versamatic, York Fluid Controls

Filter/Regulator/Lubricators (FRLs)

Don't let dirty, wet and contaminated compressed air limit the performance of your AODD pumps. We recommend the use of a Filter/Regulator with every pump.

Improvements to the product line include a liquid filled pressure gauge as well as a full line of accessories such as Lockout Valves & Mounting Bracket Kits. These reliable point-of-use Air Filter/Regulators have been specifically developed for Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps to reduce maintenance and lower operating costs.

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Pail & Drum Transfer Kits

Get a cleaner transfer application with Versa-Matic's Pail and Drum Transfer Kits. These adapter kits connect your pump to containers of various sizes for the clean, safe transfer of potentially harmful fluids

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Pump Accessories, Versa-Matic, Versamatic, York Fluid Controls

Liquid Level Controllers

Get exceptional sump and fluid transfer performance with Versa-Matic's Liquid Level Controllers which have been improved to include ATEX compliance as a standard feature. The item number (032.V036.000) has not changed. These float actuated liquid level controllers are operated entirely by mechanical and pneumatic means, porting air through a special regulator to start or stop AODD pumps.

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Flange Adapter Kits

Versa-Matic’s new Flange Adapter Kits allow you to quickly, easily, and economically convert your flange pumps to female-threaded pumps. The kits are available in three sizes for use with 1", 1½", and 2" non-metallic polypropylene Versa-Matic® pumps. Each kit includes eight bolts, eight washers, two flanges, two gaskets, and eight flange nuts.

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