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Dynamix Agitators has taken its understanding of the industrial tank mixer & agitators and applied it throughout its product line including smaller mixer types like mixers for IBC Containers. Whether you are looking for large heavy duty tank mixers, or mixers for IBC containers, Dynamix applies the same design and engineering into its base designs and the eventual configuration we quote to you.

Dynamix's mixers and agitators are suitable for a range of different applications including paint mixing, chemical mixing & air.

Select your tank type for more detail on your tank mixer, or proceed to our Inquiry Sheet to get a quote.

Industrial, Chemical, Tank, Mixers, Dynamix, Agitators, Drum, Tote, Top Entry

Drum Tank Mixers

Industrial drum mixers are our smallest mixer category, but that does not mean we stop innovating. Whether your industrial drum is open or closed head we have an industrial drum mixer design for it. In fact we have a Universal Drum Mixer. This industrial drum mixer can be mounted onto either type of Drum.

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Industrial, Chemical, Tank, Mixers, Dynamix, Agitators, Drum, Tote, Top Entry

Tote Tank Mixers

Our Tote Mixer is a response to a need in many industries for a mixer designed specifically for totes. While our competitors simply adapt a portable mixer to a tote, at Dynamix we have designed our Tote Mixers to address the particular needs of Tote Mixing.

At Dynamix Tote Mixers or Tote Agitators have not been overlooked. We see tote mixing as a key part of your product quality control. In fact a well designed Tote Agitator / Mixer can be a strategic quality control tool.

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Industrial, Chemical, Tank, Mixers, Dynamix, Agitators, Drum, Tote, Top Entry

Portable Tank Mixers

Our Portable Mixers are grouped in our DMX Line. We break these portable mixers out of the DMX line in order to highlight some of our unique designs. Portable mixers have long been the workhorse of many process industries. Applying these mixers in pilot plants or in plant mission critical applications these Portable mixers offer the power and flexibility to suit your application and environment.

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Small Tank Mixers

Small Top Entry Tank Mixers for the 50 – 3,000 Gallon range are our utility range of tank mixer. These tried and true configurations have been around as long as we have been processing liquid.

Selecting a liquid small top entry tank mixer often starts with the tank you are using to process your liquid. Next the specifications of your liquid (fluid viscosity, specific gravity, etc.) are used to select the liquid mixer configuration.

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Industrial, Chemical, Tank, Mixers, Dynamix, Agitators, Drum, Tote, Top Entry

Medium Tank Mixers

Effective industrial mixing equipment requires precise selection in order to balance power with efficiency while offering quality mixing. That is why Dynamix offers a full range of Mixing Equipment, and selects its mixers according to fundamental engineering principles.

Several factors are taken into consideration in our initial communications. This allows us to select the mixing equipment that best addresses your environment, tank and most importantly, your product.

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Industrial, Chemical, Tank, Mixers, Dynamix, Agitators, Drum, Tote, Top Entry

Large Tank Mixers

Born out of the heavy resource industries of Northern Canada, Dynamix Agitators brings Heavy Duty Application experience to all of its Mixer Agitator Designs. Our heavy duty tank mixers combine power with efficiency. The type of engineering you expect from Dynamix Agitators.

The large class of Top Entry Tank Mixers are generally applied to tanks that range in volume from 2,500 – 100,000 Gallons.

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Our background in Tank Mixers is transferred into unique designs such as Mixers for IBC containers. The result is quality design and engineering that is guaranteed through our Solution Assurance.

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