Flux Pumps Type F 620 S Vertical Centrifugal Immersion Pump

Vertical Centrifugal Immersion Pump Type F 620 S Features

  • for transferring low flammabiltiy liquids from containers, either open topped or closed
  • consisting of an inner tube and outer tube; the drive shaft is supported within the inner tube
  • a mechanical seal in ceramic oxide, o-rings in FKM, separates the liquid from bearings and upper shaft
  • with an open conical impeller
  • 2 sizes: 15 and 30 to meet varying capacity requirements

Construction features in detail:

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Pumps Available In:

  • stainless steel 316 Ti (S)
  • conical impeller in Polypropylene

Nominal Lengths:

  • 300 – 3000 mm in steps of 100 mm

Available Drive Motors:

  • Three-phase motors 0,75 – 4,0kW, 2850 rpm, jet-proof to IP 55 or explosion-proof to ATEX

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