MasoSine SPS Sanitary Pumps And Process Pumps

Whether installing in a new plant or seeking to replace an existing pump, MasoSine SPS pumps offer the ideal solution to improve your performance and minimize cost of ownership.

The sinusoidal rotor design of MasoSine SPS pumps delivers a lower shear, gentle pumping action that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation.

SPS pumps are suitable for industrial applications up to 217psi (15 bar) pressure at flows up to 434 GPM (99,000 l/hr). Products with viscosities from 1cP to 8 million cP can be transfered with powerful suction up to 0.85bar.

Capable of handling soft solids safely up to 60mm, maintaining end product quality and delivering high yield rates.

Maintenance takes minutes and can be performed in-place by a line operative. Replace off-the-shelf wear components to restore to “new pump” performance with no need for re-machining or using oversized parts. All MasoSine pumps of SPS series have 20 years warranty on housing and front cover.


  • Pressures to 217psi (15 bar).
  • Capacity: to 434 GPM (99,000 litre/hour).
  • Exclusive sinusoidal rotor
  • Single rotor design
  • Pulls vacuum lifts to 28” Hg (30 feet) of water (0.85 bar)
  • Single rotor design
  • Large pumping chambers for fragile particulates
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Simple design, one shaft, one rotor and one seal with no timing gears


  • Gentle, low shear pumping action prevents aeration or foaming during product transfer
  • Virtually pulsation free, smooth product flow with no need for ancillary dampeners, ensures process and product quality
  • Safely pumps highly viscous products from 1 to 8 million cP
  • Very low pulsation
  • Safely handle products containing soft solids, preserving product integrity
  • Handles high-pressure applications
  • Maintenance and cleaning takes minutes and can be performed in-place by a line operative


  • Flows to 99m³/hr
  • Max working pressure 15bar
  • Temperature range -40C to 180C
  • Standard delivery For standard pump incl drive 1 to 2 weeks, standard pump bare shaft without drive 1 to 2 days
  • Speed range SPS 100 and SPS 200 max 1000rpm, SPS 250 max 800rpm, SPS 300 and above max 600rpm
  • Materials of construction 316 Stainless Steel, Polyamide
  • Max viscosity 8 million centistokes
  • Typical applications Cheese, curd, deli salads, soup, chicken muscle, ground beef, juice concentrates, chocolate, dough, lotions, shampoos, lipstick, polymers, paints
  • Industries Dairy, prepared foods, meat and poultry, beverage, confection, bakery, seafood, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial
  • Solids range 60mm diameter
  • Sizes available 8
  • Seal configurations available Lip seal, packing gland, single mechanical, double mechanical
  • Available flanges Tri-clamp, bevel seat, DIN, SMS, ANSI 150# RF
  • Suction and discharge Size 1″ X 1″ (25mm x 25mm), 2″ X 2″ (50mm x 50mm), 3″ X 3″ (76mm x 76mm), 4″ X 4″ (100mm x 100mm), 6″ X 6″ (150mm x 150mm)
  • Displacement per revolution 0.08 – 2.75 litres

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