Hygienic Diaphragm Valves From Top Line

Diaphragm valves are your best choice for sanitary and hygienic processing and Top Line offers diaphragm valves that are perfect for any application. Whether you choose a BIOPRO® or BIOFLO® II valve, one of our ZERODL™ valves, or our unique, patented Divert Valve, you are assured of the finest design and construction. All Top-Flo® diaphragm valves feature:

  • Forged, investment cast, or machined stainless steel bodies

  • A wide selection of FDA compliant diaphragms

  • Stainless steel or cast iron bonnets

  • Completely self-draining designs with hash marks for easy orientation

  • Ergonomic handwheels

  • Actuation

BIOPRO® Forged and Cast Diaphragm Valves

Top Line's BIOPRO® Forged Valves are the best solution for ultra-pure applications in the Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology industries where sterility is critical. The valve bodies are forged from ASTM A182 GR F316L stainless steel and meet all FDA and cGMP guidelines.

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BIOFLO® II Diaphragm Valves

BIOFLO® II Diaphragm Valves are designed for sampling, drain and steam ports, and specialty use in ultra-pure Pharmaceutical or Biotechnological processing. The BIOFLO® II Diaphragm Valve bodies are forged from 316L stainless steel and are available with 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" ports.

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Top-Flo® Divert Valve

When your design calls for a top quality divert or mixing valve in limited space, Top-Flo®'s patented Divert Valve is the perfect solution. Available in two-way through eight-way configurations, these multi-port valves are extremely compact to reduce your piping requirements.

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Top-Flo® L-Pattern Valves

Like all of Top-Flo®'s products, this L-pattern valve is carefully designed to eliminate any "deadleg" areas that could trap fluids and lead to contamination of your product. Forged from high-quality 316L stainless steel, the L-Pattern valve acts as a 90º elbow.

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Top-Flo® Sterile Access Valves

Top-Flo® Sterile Access Valves for steam sterilization, sampling, purging or condensate drainage. With Top-Flo's® Zero Deadleg design, the valve will not trap your product and create contamination problems. Installed at the correct drain angle, this Top-Flo® Sterile Access Valves allows easy access to the interior of the valve body.

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ZERODL™ T-Pattern Valves

If your system requires the highest purity and complete cleaning, our ZERODL™ T-Pattern Valves are your best choice. This T-Pattern valve has no deadleg areas that could prevent thorough flushing and cleaning. They can be used for sampling or diversion of fluid at any point in your system.

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ZERODL™ Tank Bottom Valves

You can't afford "deadlegs" in your system- those areas where normal cleaning and flushing can't reach trapped fluid and bacteria- that's why our ZERODL™ Tank Bottom Valves are perfect for your ultra-pure processing.

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ZERODL™ Point of Use Valves

ZERODL™ Point of Use Valves are designed for efficient drainage without deadleg areas to trap fluids, this T-pattern valve features a rugged body milled from a solid block of 316L stainless steel. Ideal for sampling applications in high purity systems.

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Automating your Top-Flo® valves is easy and efficient with our wide variety of Compact Actuators. Molded from a high performance, corrosion-resistant polymer, these compact actuators are designed for use in ultra-pure processing systems. Their compact design makes them easy to install, even in close quarters. These compact actuators are available in sizes from 1/2" to 4".

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You can't make a quality diaphragm valve unless you use a first rate diaphragm and that is why we use only the finest materials and production techniques. Our diaphragms are molded in the open position reducing stress and increasing service life.

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You can equip your Top-Flo® Diaphragm Valve with the ideal bonnet for your system thanks to our wide variety of stainless steel and cast iron bonnets. All Top-Flo® bonnets are produced from lightweight castings and feature built-in travel stops, electropolished exteriors and autoclavable internal parts of stainless steel and bronze.

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