Flux Drum Pump Type F 424 Sealless

FLUX Drum Pump Type F 424 Features particularly suitable for transferring solvents and other fluids that do not glue, nor crystallize safe dry running of the drum pump no wear on seals inner tube and helix shaped support bearings completely self-draining - thus...
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V Series Classic Pumps | Versa-Matic® Pumps

Versa-Matic® provides maximum performance in a mini package with our Elima-Matic® Mini-Matic E8 3/8" Mini Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. Small enough to fit in your hand, yet capable of pumping up to 8.2 gallons per minute, the Elima-Matic® Mini-Matic E8 Mini Air...
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Giant Liquid CO2 Plunger Pumps

Giant Liquid CO2 Plunger Pumps Pumping liquid CO2 requires unique challenges to high pressure pumps. CO2 has a tendency to go to a gaseous state, so strict control of the temperature and pressure on the inlet and discharge of the system will help maintain the CO2 in a...
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LL10 Progressive Cavity Pump | Thickened Flow Mediums and Liquid Slurry PC Pumps

LL10 Progressive Cavity Pump The LL10 Progressive Cavity Pump is sized for pumping thickened flow mediums such as latex-based fluids and thickened coatings such as plaster or grout. The LL10 Flow rate of (18.8 gallons/100 revolutions) from 15 up to 140 GPM and...
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AP-R 33301L Series Progressive Cavity Wobble Stator Pump

AP-R 33301L Series Progressive Cavity Wobble Stator Pump The AP-R 33301L Progressive Cavity Wobble-Pump offers the best value available for a progressive cavity oil scavenging pump for flows up to 9.4 GPM and pressures up to 100 psi. The simple design of the wobble...
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E2 2″ Elima-Matic® Pumps | Versa-Matic® Pumps

Elima-Matic E2 Double Diaphragm Pump uses the Elima-Matic® air valve system to provide non-stalling, lube-free performance. Elima-Matic® E2 Double Diaphragm Pump is available in a clamped or bolted design, with some models offering a side discharge feature that...
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Hydra-Tech HT100DJV Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydra-Tech HT100DJV Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit The Hydra-Tech HT100DJV is a high performance 100 H.P. model features a John Deere turbocharged 4cyl. water cooled diesel and pressure compensated hydraulic pump. It is designed to drive our larger submersible...
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Elima-Matic® E2 FDA Food Processing Pumps

Elima-Matic® food-processing pumps are built with FDA-compliant materials so they can be specified in applications requiring FDA approval. The innovative Elima-Matic air valve system virtually eliminates icing, stalling, and the need for lubrication. Elima-Matic FDA...
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Slade 3300G Pump Packing and Valve Packing

Slade 3300G Pump and Valve Packing Features Reduces water consumption Reduces energy consumption Designed to run leak-free Works well on worn sleeves Can be run flush-free in non-abrasive applications Mild flush in abrasive applications Can be used in pumps, valves,...
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Hydra-Tech S8M – 8″ Hydraulic Submersible Axial Flow High Volume Pumps

The Hydra-Tech SP6 6" Axial Flow High Volume Pumps is a lightweight axial flow pump designed for pumping high volumes of water at relatively low heads. The propeller design allows this pump to driven by small hydraulic power sources such as small tractors, backhoes or...
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B50 Blagdon High Pressure Pump

Robust construction, easy to maintain Can easily handle viscous, high specific gravity, and high head applications Smooth action, less vibration and wear Pressures to 16 bar (232 PSI) Flow rates up to 350 litres/minute (92 gal/minute) Bolted construction for greater...
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TOP-FLO® Sterile Access Valve from Top Line

TOP-FLO® Sterile Access Valve from Top Line Top Line for years has specialized in manufacturing custom fabricated products designed specifically to meet our customers’ requirements. Our primary objective has always been to design and manufacture these specialty...
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York Fluid Controls Limited is a specialty stocking distributor of innovative quality products for use in all industries.

Located in Brampton, Ontario near the Toronto International Airport in our own 17,000 square foot facility includes a complete repair and test centre, engineering department, custom fabrication, machine and assembly shop.

Our main products include: fluid transfer and process pumps, positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, liquid filtration, recovery systems, mixers and tanks.

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