2″-3″ Diaphragm Pumps from AMT

The AMT line of Diaphragm pumps features a 2-stage, heavy duty forged gear driven transmission. Often referred to as Mud or Sludge Pumps, diaphragm pumps are designed to pump mud, slurry, sewage and thick liquids that have the ability to flow. AMT Diaphragm pumps are available with a choice of drivers to meet your application requirements: gasoline, diesel or single or three phase electric motor. Built-in check valve assures self-priming to 20 feet after initial prime. Heavy duty forged gear driven transmission is designed to operate pump at 40 strokes per minute for electric motor models and 60 strokes per minute for engine driven models. Each unit includes a 2” or 3” NPT steel suction strainer, two NPT nipples and a wheel kit for portability. Models 336E-K6, 336G-K6, 335G-K6 and 335E-K6 are kits provided less motor or engine. Suction and discharge port sizes cannot be reduced.

  • Sand Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Gas and Diesel Options

Click here for 2″-3″ Diaphragm Pumps Detailed Specifications.