Aluminum Submersible Water Pumps Hydra-Tech S3TC

Our S3TC is a very portable and versatile utility pump designed for pumping jobs such as construction sites, manhole pumping and oil skimming. An efficient channel impeller offers excellent overall performance. This pump is offered in your choice of aluminum or ductile iron body.


  • All purpose 3″ Hydraulic Submersible Utility Pump
  • Ideal for Construction Sites and Manhole Dewatering
  • Variable Speed
  • Efficient 2 Vane Channel Impeller
  • Oil Lubricated Seals (Can Run Dry)
  • Dependable Gear Type Hydraulic Motor
  • Safe Hydraulic Drive Can Be Used Where Electric Power is Hazardous or Impractical
  • Small overall size allows for use in very tight spaces
  • Can be bolted to Standard Pipe Flange and used as an In-Line Booster Pump
  • Aluminum Body
  • Also Available in Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel.
  • Operates With Our HT11D, HT13G, HT11DXR Power Units or Other Hydraulic Power Sources with flows of up to 8 GPM and pressures to 2500 PSI. Can also be driven by larger power units when fitted with optional flow control.
Aluminum Hydraulic Submersible Utility Pump Hydra-Tech S3TC


WEIGHT:                      28 lbs. (13 kg)
HEIGHT:                      14" (360 mm)
DIAMETER (@ widest point):   11 3/4" (300 mm)
DISCHARGE:                   3" NPT(F)
INLET FLANGE:                   3" 125# ASA
SOLIDS HANDLING:                   3/4" (2 cm)
HOSE PORTS:                   1/2" NPT (F)
PUMP BODY S3TC:                   Aluminum
IMPELLER:                   Stainless Steel
WEAR RING:                   Ductile Iron
WEAR PLATE:                   Steel
SHAFT:                   Plated 4140 Steel
SHAFT SEAL:                   Carbon/Ceramic (Std)
ELASTOMERS:                   Buna N (Std)
HYDRAULIC OIL:                   214-320 s.s.u. @ 100°F (64°C)
INPUT FLOW:                   Max. 8 GPM (30 LPM)
OPERATING PRESSURE:                   Max. 2500 PSI (170 Bar)
POWER SOURCE:                   Any Open Center Hydraulic System

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