Hydra-Tech HT35DYS Diesel Driven Power Unit

Hydra-Tech HT35DYS Diesel Driven Power Unit

The HT35DYS 35 HP Diesel Driven Power Unit is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine and is designed to drive several of our pump models including the S4VHL and S6TC. A large, built-in fuel tank allows this unit to run up to 24 hours between refills. Other equipment that require flows to 20 GPM may also operate from this power unit.

Key Features

  • Highway Trailer Chassis with Built-In Fuel Tank and Independent Suspension
  • Single Point Lifting Bracket
  • Automatic Engine Safety Shutdown
  • Vane-Type Hydraulic Pump
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Spin-On Return Filter W/ Indicator
  • Tank Top Filler/ Strainer
  • System Relief Valve
  • Pressure Control Valve
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
  • Fluid Level/ Temperature Gauge


  • Skid Frame
  • Multiple Hydraulic Circuits
  • Other Flow and Pressure Combinations


ENGINE: Yanmar 3TNV88 Liquid Cooled Diesel (Tier 4 Int.)
POWER: 35 HP(26 KW) @ 3000 RPM
HYDRAULIC OUTPUT*: Variable, Max. 20 GPM (76 LPM)
OPERATING PRESSURE*: Maximum 2500 PSI (170 Bar)
HYDRAULIC OIL: SAE 10W or 20W (ISO 32 or 46) Type AW
also: Biodegradable oil (Consult Factory)
OIL FILTRATION: 10 Micron (Standard)
OIL RESERVOIR CAPACITY: 30 U.S. Gallons (113 Liters)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 42 U.S. Gallons (159 Liters)
FUEL CONSUMPTION: Approx. 1.5 U.S. Gal/Hr (5.7 Liters/Hr)
DIMENSIONS: H 64″ (163 cm) x W 58″ (147 cm) x L 105″ (267 cm)
WEIGHT (Dry): 1420 lbs. (643 kg)

* For Flows and Pressures Other Than Standard, Consult Factory

HT35DYS Specifications