Hydra-Tech HT75DJD/HT75DJV Portable Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydra-Tech HT75DJD/HT75DJV Portable Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

These Hydra-Tech HT75DJD/HT75DJV portable Hydraulic power units feature a John Deere 4 cylinder water cooled diesel with your choice of fixed displacement gear or pressure compensated piston hydraulic pumps. It is designed to drive our submersible pumps or other hydraulic equipment requiring flows to 40 GPM and pressures to 2500 PSI.

Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit. Features a John Deere Liquid-Cooled Engine and Pressure Compensated Piston Hydraulic Pump.


John Deere 72 HP Liquid-Cooled Diesel

Hydraulic Pump:

Pressure Compensated Piston Type

Maximum Flow:

40 GPM (151 LMP)

Maximum Pressure :

2500 PSI (170 Bar)


2500 Lbs. (1133 Kg)

Hose Ports:

1 or 1 1/4 Inch NPT

Fuel Capacity:
57 US Gal. (170 L)

HT75DJD/DJV Specifications