Hydra-Tech S8T 8″ Hydraulic Submersible Vortex Flow Pump

The Hydra-Tech S8T is a vortex flow pump designed to provide reliable high volume pumping on jobs ranging from wastewater to sewage to sludge and debris laden applications. Its ability to pass large semi-solids allows more shear sensitive materials to be pumped with less degradation.


  • Recessed Vortex Impeller will Pass 7″ (17cm) Semi-Solids
  • Variable Speed
  • Oil Lubricated Seals (Can Run Dry)
  • Compact (Will Fit Through a 34″ Opening
  • Wide Range of Performance
  • Can Be Bolted Directly Into a Pipeline
  • Safe Hydraulic Drive Can Be Used Where Electric Power is Hazardous or Impractical
  • Balanced Vane Type Hydraulic Motor
  • Operates With Our HT150DD to HT150DJV Power Units or Other Hydraulic Power Sources with flows of 30-70 GPM
Hydra-Tech S8T 8" Hydraulic Submersible Vortex Flow Pump
WEIGHT:                 580 lbs. (263 kg)
HEIGHT:                      42" (107 cm)
DIAMETER (@ widest point):   33 3/4" (86 cm)
DISCHARGE:                   8" 125# ASA Flange
INLET:                       8" 125# ASA Flange
SOLIDS HANDLING:             7" (17 cm)
HOSE PORTS:                  1 1/4" or 1 1/2" NPT(F)
PUMP BODY:                   Ductile Iron
IMPELLER:                    Ductile Iron
SHAFT:                       17-4 PH Stainless Steel
SHAFT SEAL:                  Carbon/Ceramic (Std), Silicon Carbide (Opt)
ELASTOMERS:                  Buna N (Std)
HYDRAULIC OIL:               214-320 s.s.u. @ 100°F (64°C)
INPUT FLOW:                  Max 70 GPM (265 LPM)
OPERATING PRESSURE:          Max 2800 PSI (190 Bar)
POWER SOURCE:                Any Open Center Hydraulic System

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