Liquid Level Controllers | Versa-Matic® Pumps

Introducing Versa-Matic’s improved, float actuated Liquid Level Control
Get exceptional sump and fluid transfer performance with Versa-Matic’s Liquid Level Controllers which have been improved to include ATEX compliance as a standard feature. The item number (032.V036.000) has not changed. These float actuated liquid level controllers are operated entirely by mechanical and pneumatic means, porting air through a special regulator to start or stop AODD pumps.

Liquid Level Controllers

  • Include ATEX compliance as a standard feature
  • Are adjustable from a few inches to approximately nine feet
  • Are manufactured with corrosion-resistant wetted components
  • Require no electrical connections

How to tell if the unit you have is ATEX compliant

The older version of this product did not have a name plate. The new, ATEX compliant unit has a name plate affixed to the Valve Bracket where the ATEX symbol can be found in the lower left hand corner, as indicated in the image below.

For additional information, please refer to the following tools:
Service Manual & Data Sheet