RS30 Sandpiper Air Operated Double Diaphragm High Efficiency Metallic Pump

AirVantage is an innovative technology for Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps that significantly reduces air consumption over conventional AODD pumps.

  • Smart Learning System
    Modulates pump performance to optimize energy usage and match changes in system demand.
  • Adaptable Efficiency
    Automatically adapts to changing process conditions by constantly managing the amount of air that is used to drive the pump.
  • Completely Self Sustaining
    Self-contained 12v power generation module, only needs compressed air. No need for batteries or hard-wiring.


Port Size
3″ NPT / BSP
0 to 245 gpm (927 lpm)
Air Distribution Valve
No-lube, no-stall design
Up to 3/8″ (9 mm)
Heads Up To
125 psi or 289 ft. of water (8.6 bar or 88 meters)
1.00 gallon (3.78 liters)
Max Operating Pressure
125 psi (8.6 bar)
Shipping Weight
Aluminum: 141 lbs. (64 kg.)
Cast Iron: 240 lbs. (109 kg.)
Stainless Steel: 219 lbs. (99 kg.)
Alloy C: 260 lbs. (118 kg.)

Click here for RS30 High Efficiency Pump Data Sheet.