Slade Pyro-Tex Joint Sealants

Pyro-Tex Joint Sealants

Slade’s self-forming gasket, the Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant, is made from patented graphite-foil encapsulated carbon-fiber reinforcement yarns. This self-forming gasket when in place is compressed to fit snugly. The Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant HP (high pressure) is made from the same patented graphite-foil encapsulated stainless-steel foil reinforcement yarns as our sheet. Available in 25 and 50 foot spools in various configurations, shapes, and thicknesses.

  • Change gasket without pulling tube bundles
  • Adhesive bonds in place during installation
  • Self forms into endless gasket
  • Made to virtually any thickness or width
  • Never hardens or dries out
  • Metallic reinforcement impedes extrusion
  • Readjustable, often re-usable
  • Individual strands reinforced with: carbon fiber, 304 SS, or Inconel foil
  • Packaged on plastic spools
  • Inventory just one or two sizes
  • Eliminates the need to remove heat exchanger tubes from the shell
  • Performs better than:
  • Double jacketed metal gaskets
  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Corrugated metal gaskets
  • More reliable than TFE joint sealants
  • Eliminates large inventories
  • Easier to Handle
  • Stops damage from rough handling
  • Doesn’t kink out of shape
  • Adjusts to warped flanges
  • Fills pits and scratches up to 1/8″ deep


  • Stainless & Inconel versions 4500psi
  • Carbon fiber version 3500 psi


  • Stainless Steel version: 1400°F
  • Inconel Steel version: 1800°F
  • Carbon fiber version: 1800°F