Butt-Weld Fittings | Top Line Tube O.D. Butt Weld Fittings

Top Line has been supplying high quality stainless steel products to the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other process industries for 50 years. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship, responsible service and realistic pricing has led to our company’s successive years of growth. Top Line specializes in stainless steel materials–types 304 & 316L.

Top Line offers sanitary weld fittings in sizes 1/2″ through 10″ OD. Fittings are provided standard with A 25-32RA ID/OD surface finish. Other polish combinations are available upon request. Sanitary weld fittings are 3A approved and are precision crafted from either 304 or 316L stainless steel.

Tube OD butt-weld fittings used in industrial applications are offered unpolished as standard in sizes 1″ through 12″. These fittings can also be supplied as polished upon request. Adapters are available to convert from Tube OD to IPS end connections.


Our modern, well equipped manufacturing facilities are staffed by skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Consistently meeting important tolerances and finish specification is of primary concern to us. Before any products leave our plant they are subjected to rigid quality assurance checks. Top Line should always be considered your first choice for both standard and custom fabricated stainless steel products.

Technical Data

  • Size Range: 1 OD – 6″ OD
  • Materials: 304 (Stock No. Prefix 35), 316L (Stock No. Prefix 39)
  • Finish: No. 1 – unpolished (standard), No. 7 polished ID and OD

Please see catalog for more Technical Specifications

Tube OD Butt Weld