12 Volt DC High Head Washdown Pumps from AMT

AMT 12 Volt DC Washdown pumps are designed for OEM, septic service, pumper and marine applications requiring a DC motor. The motor has a one hour duty rating and is furnished with a stainless steel shaft. This washdown duty pump is available in a variety of construction and seal materials to meet your specifications. Pull-from-rear design for easy servicing without disturbing any piping. High efficiency impeller maximizes performance. Pumps are not self-priming and require flooded suction.
Premium 12 Volt DC washdown duty motors are built to handle high pressure washdown and damp/wet environments. The motor features epoxy paint, condensate drains, interior coating to protect against moisture or corrosion, special shaft seals to retard water, 12 Volt DC stud connections with o-ring seals, oversized brushes assuring longer brush life and base mount. Units are not submersible in liquids.

  • Cast Iron or Stainless Steel
  • Up to 55 GPM

Click here for 12 Volt DC High Head Washdown Pumps Detailed Specifications.