Slade Packing & Sealing Products

Slade, Inc., manufactures its own patented flexible graphite yarns utilized in both braided and woven products. These graphite yarns, produced on Slade’s patented protrusion presses, are utilized in the production of the following:

High temperature/pressure pump and valve packings: 3300 series packings.

80″ X 80″ high temperature/pressure woven metallic-foil reinforced gasket sheet: Pyro-Tex Woven Gasket Sheet
(also available up to 80” X 160”).

Braided square and rectangular shaped metallic foil reinforced graphite joint sealant: Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant
(excellent for high temperature/pressure shell and tube heat exchanger gaskets).

Slade’s 3300G packing is well known as the “Mechanical Seal on a Spool” due to its use in eliminating cooling/flush water on pumps and in achieving leak-free operation on severe abrasive slurry applications. Both are extremely valuable in achieving water conservation. Fire safe and emission safe, 3300G is also used to seal VOCs in valves to pressures of 5,000 psi /345 bar, at temperatures to 1,800°F / 1,000°C. Available with a lifetime valve warranty. Since 3300G is recommended on both valves and pumps, it greatly reduces inventory requirements and product selection problems.