Elima-Matic® E5 FDA Food Processing Pumps

Elima-Matic® food-processing pumps are built with FDA-compliant materials so they can be specified in applications requiring FDA approval. The innovative Elima-Matic air valve system virtually eliminates icing, stalling, and the need for lubrication.

Elima-Matic FDA Food Processing Pumps:

  • feature bead-blasted, passivated 316 stainless steel wetted sections
  • are constructed from Hytrel® and Teflon® food-grade elastomers
  • assemble and disassemble quickly with tri-clamp connections and wing-nut clamp bands
  • Include nickel-plated aluminum center sections
  • have a flow range up to 260 gallons per minute
  • offer pre-cast bosses for use with optional leak detectors
Elima-Matic® E5 FDA Food Processing Pumps
Flow Rate
Adjustable to	0-14 gpm	0-53 lpm

Port Size	1.0" Tri-Clamp
Air Inlet	0.375" NPT	 
Air Exhaust	0.375" NPT	 

Suction Lift
15' Dry/25' Wet (4.57m/7.62m)
Teflon: 5' Dry/10' Wet (1.52m/3.05m)

Max. Particle Size
(Diameter)	0.0625"	1.6mm

Shipping Weight	18 lbs	8.17 kg

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