FLUX FMO 150 Flow Meter

flux fmo 150 flow meter

The FMO 140 oval rotor flow meter is suitable for use with thin to highly viscous, clean liquids. With the FLUXTRONIC®, batching and dosing a wide variety of liquids can be performed with a high degree of accuracy and safety. In automatic mode it is possible to batch and meter.  For example, when paired with the FAE hand nozzle and FSV amplifier, one-touch batching with automatic shutoff is possible.  

  • Oval rotor design
  • For thin to highly viscous pure media
  • Available with  integrated evaluation unit  FLUXTRONIC® or as impulse version
  • For the use in piping systems
  • High accuracy and repeat accuracy
  • Signal can be forwarded to FLUXTRONIC® or another external control as e.g. PLC
  • Can be displayed in liter, gallons or kilogram
  • Semi-automatic filling with a switching amplifier possible
  • Can be used for ex-applications in Zone 1
  • Very precise dosing possible
  • High resistancy
  • Wide range of viscosities can be covered
  • Can also be used for pulsating volume flows
  • Low pressure loss
  • Also available in Version with FDA CFR 21

Technical Data

  • Flow rate: 3 – 100 GPM (15 – 380 l/min)
  • Measurement error of flow rate < 5 cPs: 1%
  • Measurement error of flow rate > 5 cPs: 0.5%
  • Operating pressure max: 232 PSI
  • Viscosity max: 500,000 cPs
  • Housing Materials: Stainless steel, Aluminium
  • Fluids: Acids, Alkalis, Petroleum products, Highly flammable media, Solvents, Fuels