Inlet Stabilizers – Blacoh SENTRY Inlet Stabilizers

Positive displacement (PD) pumps contain an inlet valve that alternatively opens and closes, creating an acceleration and deceleration of fluid into the pump.

The patented “J” Model Inlet Stabilizer works to minimize these pressure fluctuations and acceleration head losses by preventing fluid column separation at the pump’s inlet. This improved flow to the pump’s inlet effectively extends the service life of all inlet system components.

SENTRY Inlet Stabilizer Benefits:

  • Store pressurized fluid as energy
  • Temporarily increase/supplement pump flow
  • Auxiliary power for equipment cycling, valve closure and emergency shutdown
  • Maintain system pressure
  • Makeup fluid for system leakage or bleed down
  • Compensate for thermal expansion
  • Dampen pulsations and vibrations
  • Absorb hydraulic shock/water hammer

SENTRY Inlet Stabilizer Features:

  • Bladder, Diaphragm and Piston models
  • Bottom and Top Repairable options
  • Tested at 1.5 times maximum pressure
  • Built to meet ASME standards and most international pressure vessel code requirements

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