QDU Series Drum Unloader from Q-Pumps

The QDU series is the most efficient and hygienic Drum Unloader in the market.

Save energy while increasing efficiency. QDU Series is a Drum unloader equipment, fully designed with an integrated QTS twin screw pump link up to an electric motor, which allows a saving energy consumption.


  • Pressure: 360 psi (25 bar).
  • Energy saving due using efficient electric motors
  • Deliver faster unloading
  • Accurate metering
  • Quieter operation
  • Electric drum QTS pump provide a substantial increase in efficiency over less efficient air-operated pumps
  • Constant flow
  • Handling of products with high viscosities (from 1 to 1,000,000 cP)
  • Allows dowloads up to 60 GPM depending on the viscocity
  • Its hygienic design integrates an EHEDG certificated QTS Pump
  • Up to 360 Psi

Q-Pumps QDU Series Drum Unloader Borchure