QIM Series Pumps from Q-Pumps

The QIM Series pumps are the most versitile mixers in the market.

Perfectly created solutions for applications that require to be homogenized or disintegrated while being pumped. Centrifugal equipment in radial flow line designed under 3-A & EHEDG standards.


  • Pressure: 92 psi (6 bar).
  • Capacity: 352 GPM (1,333 LPM).
  • Temperature: 150C / 302F.
  • Viscosity: 3,000 cP.
  • Has a semi-open impeller design to keep pressurized and achieve better lubrication in the mechanical seal.
  • Built in SS 316L with surface finish on all surfaces in contact with the fluid 32 Ra maximum
  • Completely drainable with the discharge in horizontal position
  • Use of o-ring to achieve a better seal
  • Easy maintenance and high efficiency
  • 5 different backplates options for better performance
  • Designed under 3-A and EHEDG standards

Backplate Options

  • Big Slots: For disintegrations of hard solids.
  • Big Inclined Slots: For disintegration of small solids.
  • Big Radial Slots: For mixing powders and liquids.
  • Small Slots: For disintegrations of soft solids.
  • Small Radial Slots: For emulsifying different liquids

Q-Pumps QIM Series Pump Brochure