QVM Series High Viscosity Mixers from Q-Pumps

The QVM Series high viscosity mixers integrates an EHEDG certified QTS pump.

The QVM Series is an integrated InLine Mixer QIM with a Twin Screw QTS pump, which improves the performance and allows the pumping of products with higher viscosities.


  • Viscosity: 1,000,000 cP.
  • The QVM High Viscosity Mixer is ideal for demanding mixing applications.
  • It includes a QTS Series pumps which allow the recirculation of the product at high speeds.
  • Constant flow
  • Table and cone made of stainless steel
  • Versatile design
  • Product recirculation at high speeds
  • Its hygienic design integrates an EHEDG certified QTS Pump
  • Integrated valves to improve operator ergonomics
  • Compatible with the QIM Series’ interchangeable backplates
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Can be easily transported thanks to its 4 integrated 360º wheels *only when ordered

Q-Pumps QVM Series Pump Brochure