SP Series Pumps from Q-Pumps

The SP Series pumps are for loading and unloading with the same equipment.

The SP series has a turbine-type impeller, which makes it ideal for loading and unloading applications with the same equipment. Certifications: 3A


  • Pressure: 82 psi (5.6 bar).
  • Capacity: 200 GPM (757 LPM).
  • Temperature: 120C / 248F.
  • Viscosity: 3,000 cP.
  • Single or double mechanical seal
  • Wave spring to allow reversibility
  • Built in 316L stainless steel
  • Tolerances less than 0.008 inches
  • Suction capacity up to 20 ft
  • Gentle handling of products

Q-Pumps SP Series Pump Borchure