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VerderFlex Ds500

The Verderflex® Ds500 metering and dosing pump has been designed specifically for challenging traditional technological solutions to certain pumping applications. The principle behind this technology is to improve the accuracy and save the end user money with both direct costs in terms of chemical usage and indirect costs by minimal tool free maintenance and servicing.

Max. flow 0.1 – 500 ml/min
Operating temperature °C 4 – 45
Supply voltage 80 – 240V – 50/60Hz AC
Max. temperature 70 (pumped fluid) °C
Speed 75 rpm
Noise (dB-A) <70
Max. discharge pressure 7 bar
IP rating IP rating
Speed control ratio 4096:1
Humidity (% RH) (condensing) 10 – 100
Weight 7 Kg
Casing 20% GF Polyphenylene Ether + PS
Display High definition 110 mm (4.33”) TFT touchscreen
Pump head 20% GF Polyphenylene Ether + PS
Drive shaft PA6