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Verderflex iDura 15 Pump

The Verderflex iDura 15 is a complete “ready to use”, reversible Dura hose pump with factory fitted hose burst protection and an IP66 inverter. Flows are easily set on the inverter’s controls or the pump can be remotely controlled – ideal for high pressure low volume dosing, metering, sampling & sump emptying in processing complexes, food & beverage facilities or water treatment plants.

Max. flow 410 l/h
Max. discharge pressure 6 bar
Certificates FDA, EC/1935
Max. temperature 80 °C
Max. particle size 3,75 mm
Speed 90 rpm
Max Suction lift 9,5 m wc
Max motor power 0,75 kW
Hose ID 15 mm
Weight 40,5 Kg
Inverter power 0,75 kW
Power Supply Single or Three Phase Power