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Verderflex Rapide 5000 Single Head Pumps

The Rapide 5000 is a compact peristaltic tube pump which can be installed as a stand alone pump or integrated into a system such as a printing press or packaged turnkey skid. Suitable for rugged environments, the Rapide 5000 combines the simplicity of an IP55 rated gear motor with the flexibility of the Vantage 5000’s pumphead. The tube is ‘thick-walled’ for the safe and reliable handling of abrasive, corrosive and viscous fluids such as chemical solutions, fine slurry, inks, dyes, additives and other dosing fluids.

The Rapide 5000 has been developed to offer simple, reliable and cost effective pumping solutions for industrial applications. The design combines the flexibility of the Vantage 5000 pump head with the simplicity of a single or three phase powered industrial gearmotors. Single or Double head pumps are available.

Max. flow 530 l/h
Max. discharge pressure 2 bar
Standard Tube Wall Thickness 2.4 mm
Minimum Tube ID 3.2 mm
Maximum Tube ID 9.6 mm
Weight 10.2 Kg
Certificates FDA