Versa-Matic® N25 1″ High Pressure Double Diaphragm Pump

Versa-Matic N25 1″ full flow high pressure pumps offer enhanced power when pressure and flow rate are important.

Versa-Matic N25 high pressure pumps achieve discharge pressures up to 238 psi using two air chambers to double the amount of air per stroke. Included in the full flow design is an additional air chamber to provide higher flow rates with less pulsation, resulting in reduced wear on pipes and fittings.

Versa-Matic N25 High Pressure Double Diaphragm Pump

  • are available in either aluminum or stainless steel
  • can start at zero head pressure with no diaphragm damage and no need for a separate fill pump
Versa-Matic® N25 1" High Pressure Double Diaphragm Pump
Flow Rate
Adjustable to:	0-30 gpm	0-125 lpm

Port Size
Inlet and Outlet	1" NPTF

Air Inlet	0.50" NPTF
Air Exhaust	0.375" NPTF

Suction Lift
Dry	20'	6.0 m
Wet	25'	7.6 m

Max. Particle Size
(Dia.)	0.125"	3 mm

Shipping Weight
Aluminum	88 lbs	40 kg
Stainless Steel	110 lbs	50 kg

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